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ALL of the following are certified as "ELECTIVE" courses specifically suited for Florida Adjuster 5-20, 6-20, and 7-20 licenses, as well as all other "discontinued, yet grandfathered in" adjuster license classification types. Again...ALL courses in this catalog are considered "ELECTIVE".

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Advanced Medical Anatomy for Casualty Adjusters- FL #103772

This lesson is designed to provide casualty adjusters and claim professionals with a vivid description of the most common injuries that arise in the workplace or from any other type of casualty claim event. We also provide an overview of the types and duration of medical treatment and medical providers associated with these injuries, and some of the medical terminology most commonly associated with that treatment. (1 Credit Hr CE)

A Matter of Ethics- FL# 49429

This course explores Ethics from an historical context, from the perspectives of various well known scholars, and according to Florida's Adjuster Code of Ethics. (2 Hours Ethics)

Florida’s PTD Benefits- FL #49435

Take a trek through Florida's Permanent Total Disability benefit structure as delivered prior to and in the early years following the October 1, 2003 legislative changes. (2 Hours Law CE)

The Origin and Evolution of Workers' Compensation- FL #49436

This course introduces Workers' Compensation as an occupational benefit delivery system, explores the issues and concepts that influenced its development over the past century, and identifies the most challenging claims management issues of the day. (1 Hour Law CE)

Claims as a Profession- FL #49441

The course introduces the claims adjusting profession and the role an adjuster plays on behalf of the insurance industry and American society. (1 Hour Ethics CE)

Insurance Issues in Arson Investigations- FL #50047

The course outlines the sensitive, and often prejudicial, issues surrounding the investigation of suspected arson. (1 Hour Optional CE)

Coordinating Civil and Criminal Arson Investigations- FL #50048

Arson is an absolute defense to an insurance claim. This course shows how civil and criminal investigation efforts can be best coordinated to achieve the best possible outcome. (1 Hour Law CE)

The Intoxication Defense- FL #50545

While the increasing prevalence of alcohol and drug use in our society has also increased the attention to the issue of alcohol and/or drug involvement in the workplace, all too often the defense is misused and benefits are either wrongly denied, or valid defenses compromised. This course examines Intoxication Defense across four states, California, Florida, North Carolina and Texas. (1 Hour Law CE)

Evaluating and Reserving W/C Claims, Part 1 Finding the Value- FL #51211

This course presents a discussion of individual claim evaluation theory and practice as a method of estimating the ultimate probable cost of a claim, and the concept of reserving as a projection of financial loss. (2 Hours Optional CE)

Protecting the Blown Away Policyholder- FL #53003

This course explores recommended ethical claims practices following hurricane, windstorm and other real property losses under Florida's Civil Remedy Law, Unfair Claims Practices Act, and Adjuster's Code of Ethics. (1 Hour of Ethics CE)

The Evolution of Florida No-Fault/PIP- FL #53090

In this course we will discuss the original intent of Florida’s No-Fault/PIP Law, what went wrong, address some of the legislative changes passed over the years to prevent the most common abuses of no-fault, and what Florida’s legislature ultimately did to rescue the system from its own demise (1 Hour Law CE).

Deciding Compensability, Part I: Jurisdiction, Notice and Employment- FL #53482

This course explores issues surrounding the administration of workers’ compensation benefits arising prior to and immediately following the actual receipt and handling of a claim, such as jurisdiction, notice, reporting, statutes of limitation, employee vs. independent contractor issues, and when employment begins and ends. (1 Hour Law CE)

Mierzwa and the Valued Policy Law- FL #53857

This course traces the odyssey of Florida’s valued property law as it discusses the issues and practical problems that arose as a result of the Florida's 4th DCA Mierzwa (2004) decision, and explores the Supreme Course decision that ultimately brought interpretation of Florida’s valued property law back to it’s “plain meaning”. (1 Hour Law CE)

Deciding Compensability, Part II: The Legal Doctrines of Workers’ Compensation-FL #54006

This course examines most common legal doctrines that arise in the investigation and analysis of compensability, and applies these doctrines to common factual situations. After taking this course, you’ll be amazed at how easy compensability decisions will become, and the level of confidence you’ll have in making them. (2 Hours Law CE)

Employers Liability and Coverage B: Claims of a Different Color- FL #54007

This course examines some the exposures of Employer’s Liability outside the laws of workers' compensation and the insurance coverages “B” that typically respond to them. (1 Hour Law CE)

Commercial Premises Liability- FL #54163

This course presents a general overview of Florida commercial premises negligence claims, duties owed to business invitees, and standards for proving or defending liability under these laws. Specific topics include indoor slip and falls, parking lot and outdoor accidents, falling merchandise, and negligent security (2 Hours Law CE).

Evaluating and Reserving W/C Claims, Part 2: Presenting Your Case- FL #54282

The ability to forecast, or evaluate, the ultimate cost of a claim comes from training and experience, and is more art than science. In this follow-up to the Evaluation and Reserving of W/C Claims, Part I: Calculating Your Exposures, you will learn to apply best practice protocols to explain and document your evaluation of workers’ compensation claim exposures. (2 Hours Optional CE)

The Compensability of Workers Compensation- FL #54292

Knowing the laws of workers’ compensation is only the first step on the road to becoming a successful claims adjuster or case manager. This course provides a comprehensive identification and analysis of the legal doctrines most commonly faced when compensability is questioned and how those issues will most likely be resolved in the courts. (3 Hours Law CE)

Overview of Longshore & Harborworkers Compensation Act- FL #55107

This course provides an introduction to one of our nation's most significant employment exposures: The Longshore and Harborworkers Compensation Act. (2 Hours Law CE)

Strategic Claims Negotiations- FL #57903

This popular course has never been better! Increase your skills in claims negotiation by learning the concepts, principles, and practices that have proven successful time after time over the decades. (2 Hours Optional CE)

Case Law Update: Impact, Spoliation, Presumptions & Seat Belts- FL #57951

Explore four of the more troublesome areas of law and liability typical in today's Forida claims environment: The Impact Rule, Spoliation of Evidence, Presumptions of Negligence in Rear-End Auto Accidents, and Seat Belt Laws and Auto Liability. (2 Hours Law CE)

Residential Property Claims Adjusting- FL #59447

This course provides invaluable training in the most commonly encountered residential dwelling and homeowners coverages, traditional property adjustment doctrines, and most of the typical claim scenarios encountered by property adjusters. (3 Optional CE)

Automobile & Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Adjusting- FL# 59469

This course provides detailed training on the handling of 1st and 3rd Party PD claims commonly insured under Personal Auto, Business Auto, Garage and Garagekeepers coverages. Students explore traditional claims adjustment doctrines and work with most of the typical scenarios they will encounter as an Auto PD adjuster. (2 Hours Optional)

Medicare Setasides and Claims Management- FL #59490

This course will provide you with important background information and a current update on the Medicare Secondary Payers Act, including how you can effectively use this information in the resolution and settlement of claims. (3 Hours Law CE)

Adjusting and the Claims Profession- FL# 59755

This Ethics course explores the claims profession from its birth through decades of modern day claims handling while highlighting fundamental adjusting activities and higher levels of adjusting responsibilities under various state statutes. (2 Hours Ethics)

Understanding Punitive Damages- FL #61217

Few things strike as much fear into the hearts of insurance carriers as the threat of punitive damages. This course provides a detailed overview of punitive damages, including maximum verdicts allowed by law and their insurability. (3 Hours Law CE)

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits- FL #62304

Learn the benefits provided under Florida’s work comp statutes, the drivers behind these benefits, how they should be computed, and when they should be paid. This is a perfect course for new adjusters, for experienced adjusters new to Florida, or for a refresher. (3 Hours Law CE)

The Economics of Workers' Compensation- FL #62623

This course is designed to enlighten adjusters and other claims professionals with a deeper understanding of the underwriting process and the impact that claims handling, particularly in the areas of evaluation and reserving, has on workers’ compensation insurer and employer premiums, profitability, and loss. (2 Optional CE)

Subrogating Work Comp in Florida- FL #71339

Explore the investigation and pursuit of subrogation recovery after a unfortunate accident leaves young Nick Chambers paralyzed and the workers’ compensation lien quickly rises into the millions. Then meet veteran adjuster, Bryce Jansen as he uses his vast experience, creativity, and dogged determination to ensure recovery under Florida's Manfredo doctrine. You've never experienced a CE course like this! (3 Hours Law CE)

The Florida Automobile: A Dangerous Instrumentality- FL #71636

Follow veteran adjuster Bryce Jansen as he seeks the exception to this unique form of liability that could cost his client millions! In a revolutionary approach to adjuster CE, this course is designed to enlighten adjusters and other claims professionals with a deeper understanding of one of Florida’s most complicated legal doctrines in automobile liability, the Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine. (2 Hours Law)

General Insurance and Liability Laws- FL #74692

Maximizing one’s effectiveness as a claims professional requires a solid understanding of the insurance industry, it’s policies, theories of civil liability, and the American Tort System. This course explores the underlying concepts of insurance, insurance policies, and theories of legal liability. (3 Hours Law CE)

Chinese Drywall: Legal Issues, Exposures & Insurance Coverage- FL #74842

Trace the odyssey of Chinese drywall through the U.S. courts and insurance industry since its introduction into the American marketplace. A "must-have" CE course for property adjusters and adjusters handling construction defect liability claims. (2 Hours Law CE)

Causation Concepts- FL #75522

In this revolutionary new approach to CE, walk with veteran adjuster Bryce Jansen as he works through the aftermath of one of the greatest natural disasters to hit America since its birth. The analysis of the doctrines of causation and the roles they play in loss determination for 1st party homeowner and commercial property claims, as presented in this course, would ultimately be the single most important issue of the day. (2 Hours Law CE)

Handling Garage Coverage Claims- FL #82431

This course provides adjusters new to handling Garage claims with a basic understanding of the coverages provided under the Garage Policy, including valuable insight for handling troublesome coverage and claim handling challenges related to "garage operations", "care, custody or control", "work you perform" and other issues. (3 Hours Optional)

Introduction to Insurance Claims Adjusting- FL #82441

Welcome to the world of the insurance adjuster and the traditional functions and activities of the job. (2 Hours Optional CE)

Introduction to Commercial Property Adjusting- FL #82448

This course introduces the property adjuster to the most common commercial coverages and adjusting concepts. (2 Hours Optional CE)

Adjusting Garagekeepers Claims- FL# 82532

Garagekeepers coverage provides protection for damage or loss to a customers’ auto left in the insured's care. This course is specifically designed to provide adjusters and other claims/risk professionals with an understanding of this type of coverage, with valuable insight on typical claim issues they will encounter. (2 Hours Optional)

Business Auto Claims Handling- FL #82618

This course helps adjusters understand the coverage provided under a Business Auto Policy and provides guidance to those who are unfamiliar with business auto claims. The course also provides insight and direction on the day-to-day claim handling issues when handling Business Auto claims for commercial enterprises. (2 Hours Optional)

The Ethical Practices of an Adjuster- FL #83271

This course explores the higher level ethical, moral and professional duties and responsibilities of an adjuster as required the Florida Adjuster Code of Ethics. (2 Hour Ethics CE)

The Investigation of Fire Claims for Arson- FL #84857

This course explores the how and the why of conducting a thorough investigation of a fire claim, from the initial application through potential of both civil and criminal remedies for insured and insurer. (3 Hours Law CE)

Analyzing Causation in Property Claims Adjusting- FL# 85026

Using references to the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, Hurricane Katrina (2005), and other examples, this course provides adjusters with an analysis of the doctrines of causation and how they each affect coverage under traditional homeowners and commercial insurance policies. *Note: This is a more detailed version of the "Causation Concepts" course. (4 Hours Law CE)

An Update on Chinese Drywall Litigation- FL# 85036

In this interesting update on one of the latest and most complex property issues to hit this Continent, you will learn how Chinese drywall has affected American businesses and consumers, what insurance issues and exclusions were triggered by this product, and receive an update on the status of litigation in the areas most affected. (3 Hours Law CE)
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