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(TX# 86114) Medicare Setasides and Claims Management- TX#86114(TX# 86114) Medicare Setasides and Claims Management- TX#86114

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Cost: $18.75 (USD)
Credits: 3
Estimated Length: 3 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 3 months


Over the past several years, the issue of Medicare Setasides has reached the ears of many insurance carriers and claims and legal practitioners, and has created confusion, uncertainty and doubt about what to do and how to do it. The objective of this course is to “set-aside” that confusion and uncertainty, and provide you with the means of resolving Medicare Setaside issues with confidence.

The Medicare Secondary Payers Act affects ALL types of insurance claims, i.e. auto, general and products liability, No Fault/PIP, workers’ compensation, uninsured motorist, and any other type of insured, self-insured or uninsured right of recovery to which an injured party may have access. This course will provide important background information and a current update on this important federal law and show you how you can use this information effectively in the resolution and settlement of claims in today's complex claims and litigation environment.

This course is certified as "Classroom Equivalent" by TX DOI for 3 General CE hours under Course ID #86114.





  1. Lessons 1-3 (Online Lesson)
  2. Lessons 4-6 (Online Lesson)
  3. Lessons 7-8 (Online Lesson)
  4. Conclusion (Online Lesson)


  1. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management- TX
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