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(WC101) Comprehensive FLORIDA Workers' Compensation Claims Management Program(WC101) Comprehensive FLORIDA Workers' Compensation Claims Management Program

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Cost: $179.00 (USD)
Credits: 24
Estimated Length: 24 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 6 months


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Learn the Skills of Best W/C Claims Practice
AE21 Online proudly presents first and only comprehensive workers compensation claims training in a totally online, reinforced-learning format that provides a solid foundation of workers' compensation claims adjusting knowledge, upon which insurance, claims, and medical professionals can build their professional skills and expertise.  The Comprehensive W/C Claims Management program is specifically designed to serve as a well-rounded training program for adjusters, nurses and medical case managers, and other insurance professionals, regardless of experience level, who seek the knowledge and skills of “best workers’ compensation claims practice”.

A Continuum of Professional Development
After completing this collection of online courses, students will have an increased awareness of the roles they play in helping workers who suffer occupational injury and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in the management and minimization of an employer’s workers compensation loss costs.  A Certificate of Completion attesting to the student's successful completion of the Comprehensive W/C Claims Management program represents to yourself and to others a solid first step along the continuum of professional training and development in the complex field of workers’ compensation claims adjusting and case management.

Pre-Board Qualification
Individuals completing this program will, after a minimum of 3-years experience handling workers’ compensation claims and satisfaction of other requirements, be qualified to enter the WCCP’s advanced certification program and seek their designation as a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Claims Professional.

Continuing Education
This online program provides the equivalent of three (3) 8-hour days of comprehensive instruction on the functional activities and requirements of workers’ compensation claims adjusting. As an enhancement for students and their employers, the courses in this program have also been fully accredited by the Florida Department of Financial Services for Adjuster CE credit (only). Upon successful completion of the entire curriculum, students will be awarded a total of 24 hours of "elective" Adjuster CE. The courses in this curriculum have all been certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services.


  1. Introduction-Comprehensive W/C Claims Mgmt Prgm (Online Lesson)
  2. Introduction to Insurance Claims Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  3. The Origin and Evolution of Workers' Compensation (Online Lesson)
  4. The Compensability of Workers Compensation (Online Lesson)
  5. The Intoxication Defense (Online Lesson)
  6. Employers Liability and Coverage B: Claims of a Different Color (Online Lesson)
  7. Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits (Online Lesson)
  8. Florida’s PTD Benefits (Online Lesson)
  9. Evaluating and Reserving W/C Claims, Part I: Finding the Value (Online Lesson)
  10. Evaluating and Reserving W/C Claims, Part II: Presenting Your Case (Online Lesson)
  11. The Economics of Workers' Compensation (Online Lesson)
  12. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management, Chapters 1-3 (Online Lesson)
  13. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management, Chapters 4-6 (Online Lesson)
  14. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management, Chapters 7-8 (Online Lesson)
  15. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management-Final Exam (Online Lesson)
  16. Medicare Setasides and Claims Management-Acknowledgment (Online Lesson)
  17. Strategic Claims Negotiations (Online Lesson)


  1. Comprehensive W/C Claims Management Program
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