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(NFIP4-RCBAP) NFIP4-Adjusting Condominium Association Flood Claims under the NFIP's "RCBAP" Policy(NFIP4-RCBAP) NFIP4-Adjusting Condominium Association Flood Claims under the NFIP's "RCBAP" Policy

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Cost: $75.00 (USD)


The RCBAP is the most complex of the NFIP policies.  While the coverages provided are very similar in nature to the General Property policy, the complexities are significant and require the utmost in professionalism, technical knowledge and expertise, and the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of audience. It is for this reason that NFIP adjusters must acquire an advanced level of certification before handling these claims...certification that is dependent upon working knowledge and claims handling experience under both the Dwelling and General Property policies.  Due to the similarities in coverage between the RCBAP and General Property forms, this course focuses on the unique coverage and claim handling issues adjusters face when handling RCBAP claims.  Here, we cut to the chase!

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the purpose of the RCBAP form and identify eligible buildings that may be covered by the RCBAP vs. other SFIP forms (i.e., Dwelling and General Property);
  • Recognize a Condominium Association, understand why the Condo Association Master Policy and By-Laws are important, and recognize a Condo's “Common Elements”;
  • Learn the specific needs of inspecting and scoping an RCBAP flood loss;
  • Identify the Special Loss Adjustment Issues related to the handling of an RCBAP claim;
  • Effectively manage the inspections and scope of damages by following the “Rules of the RCBAP Road”; and,
  • Accurately verify that the property is “insured to value” and calculate coinsurance compliance.

*Note: The completion of the Dwelling and General Property courses are pre-requisite to the RCBAP course. 

**Due to the focus and "federal" nature of this curriculum, Adjuster Continuing Education ("CE") credits are not provided.


James W. Greer, CPCU

President/AE21 Online, LLC
(800) 820-4550


James A. Jez, AIC
Vice President/AE21 Online, LLC
(972) 985-2672 


  1. Lesson 1: Overview of the RCBAP (Online Lesson)
  2. Lesson 2: Scoping an RCBAP Claim (Online Lesson)
  3. Lesson 3: Special Issues for RCBAP Claim Handling (Online Lesson)
  4. RCBAP Final Exam (Online Lesson)


  1. Adjusting Condominium Association Flood Claims under the NFIP's "RCBAP" Policy
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