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(TXAdjuster) Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course(TXAdjuster) Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course

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Cost: $275.00 (USD)
Estimated Length: 40 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 4 months


This Texas All Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course (#26545) is offered by AE21 Incorporated (Provider #33260) and the Association of Property & Casualty Claims Professionals (PCCP) with the approval of the Texas Department of Insurance.

This online adjuster licensing program is the most comprehensive licensing program available anywhere in the United States for entry into the field of insurance claims adjusting, and satisfactory completion of this course allows the student to secure a Texas All Lines Adjuster's license without sitting for the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Examination as issued by Prometric.  The course is broken into five lessons:

  • Introduction to Claims and Principles of Insurance;
  • Casualty (Auto, General & Homeowners Liability, Workers’ Compensation);
  • Property (Homeowners, Commercial, Inland/Ocean Marine, etc.);
  • Automobile Physical Damage (Comprehensive & Collision); and,
  • Residual Markets, Market Practices, and Adjuster Conduct.

Each lesson in the course offers a sequential approach to "reinforced" learning that explains insurance principles, identifies factual scenarios with legal and contractual claim exposures, and concludes with best practice applications of claims analysis and adjustment. In addition, throughout the course, interactive inquiry periods gauge understanding and retention and refer the student back to parts not fully understood.

Once all sections are completed, the student must pass a comprehensive, online 150-question Final Exam before an impartial Monitor, both of whom must complete and sign a Student/Monitor Affidavit which must then be notarized.  Upon email or fax receipt of this signed and notarized affidavit, an official Certificate of Completion shall be emailed  to the student for inclusion in his or here application for licensure.



James W. Greer, CPCU

AE21 Online
16011 N. Nebraska Ave., Suite 107
Lutz, FL  33549
(800) 820-4550


  1. Sect 1: Introduction and Instructions (Online Lesson)
  2. Sect 1: Chpt 1 - The Role of an Adjuster (Online Lesson)
  3. Sect 1: Chpt 2 - The Art of Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  4. Sect 1: Chpt 3 - The Work of an Adjuster (Online Lesson)
  5. Sect 1: Chpt 4 - Conducting Insurance Business in Texas (Online Lesson)
  6. Sect 1: Chpt 5 - Unfair Claims Practices (Online Lesson)
  7. Sect 1: Chpt 6 - The Insurance Policy (Online Lesson)
  8. Sect 1: Chpts 7.1 & 7.2 - Property Concepts & Doctrines (Online Lesson)
  9. Sect 1: Chpt 7.3 - Property Concepts & Doctrines: Coinsurance Requirements (Online Lesson)
  10. Sect 1: Chpt 8.1 - Liability Concepts & Doctrines (Online Lesson)
  11. Sect 1: Chpt 8.2 - Liability Concepts & Doctrines: Assessing Legal Liability (Online Lesson)
  12. Sect 1: Chpt 8.3 - Liability Concepts & Doctrines: Liability Defenses (Online Lesson)
  13. Sect 2: Chpt 1 - Casualty Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  14. Sect 2: Chpt 2 - Automobile Liability & No-Fault/PIP (Online Lesson)
  15. Sect 2: Chpt 3 - The Texas Personal Auto Policy (Online Lesson)
  16. Sect 2: Chpt 4 - The Business Auto Policy (Online Lesson)
  17. Sect 2: Chpt 5.1 - General Liability Insurance (Online Lesson)
  18. Sect 2: Chpt 5.2 - General Liability Insurance: Additional CGL Coverages (Online Lesson)
  19. Sect 2: Chpt 6 - Crime, Employee Dishonesty, and Bonds (Online Lesson)
  20. Sect 2: Chpt 7 - Homeowners & Personal Injury (Online Lesson)
  21. Sect 2: Chpt 8.1 - Workers Compensation - Origin and Legal Doctrines (Online Lesson)
  22. Sect 2: Chpt 8.2 - Workers Compensation - Injuries and Benefits (Online Lesson)
  23. Sect 3: Chpt 1 - Property Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  24. Sect 3: Chpt 2 - The Standard Fire (Dwelling) Policy (Online Lesson)
  25. Sect 3: Chpt 3 - Homeowners Insurance (Online Lesson)
  26. Sect 3: Chpt 4 - Perils Insured Against (Online Lesson)
  27. Sect 3: Chpt 5 - Farm & Flood Insurance (Online Lesson)
  28. Sect 3: Chpt 6 - Application of Relevant Property Doctrines (Online Lesson)
  29. Sect 3: Chpt 7- Understanding Coinsurance & Calculating Coinsurance Payments (Online Lesson)
  30. Sect 3: Chpt 8.1 - Commercial Property Insurance (Online Lesson)
  31. Sect 3: Chpt 8.2 - Commercial Property: Builder's Risk, Business Income, Condos, & Equipment Breakdown (Online Lesson)
  32. Sect 3: Chpt 9 - Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance (Online Lesson)
  33. Sect 4: Chpt 1-2: Automobile Physical Damage Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  34. Sect 4: Chpt 3-4: Subrogation, Auto PD Examples & Mechanical Breakdown (Online Lesson)
  35. Sect 5: Residual Markes, Market Practices, & Adjuster Conduct (Online Lesson)
  36. Final Exam Instructions (Online Lesson)
  37. Final Exam (Online Lesson)
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